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Thursday 11th February

Good Morning Ruby Class!

Welcome to another day of home learning. Find out what we are doing today in our Thursday morning message...

Thursday Morning Message

Let's begin by reading our class story...

Chapter Four

...come back tomorrow for the next part. 


Learning Objective: I am beginning to write a story.


We are imagining that we are Arctic explorers and are writing our very own adventure story!

We have made excellent progress with our stories so far! Well done everybody! Yesterday, we arrived in the Arctic (or Antarctica!) ready to begin our adventure. However, there is a problem! Find out more here...

English Thursday

Just like our previous lessons, you can complete the tasks with me during the video or afterwards...

Activity One

Oh no! There is a problem! Write a sentence describing what has happened then add an illustration. Your problem could be anything! Be creative! But don't forget, you are going to have to solve your problem in the next part of the story...

Activity Two

Solve your problem! Follow the process that I have used in the video to solve the problem in your Arctic explorer adventure story. If you need some help, there are lots of ideas in the video (just watch it again!) or you could discuss your problem with an adult or sibling to come up with a solution together. Once you have come up with a solution, write it down! Then, add an illustration. 

We will be completing our story tomorrow!


Learning Objective: I can count forwards and backwards within 50. 


We are continuing our learning about numbers to 50. Today, we will focus on counting forwards and backwards. Once again, this is a skill that we are familiar with! Take a look...

11.02.21 - Counting forwards and backwards within 50


Today our activities are all about practice!

Even if you are confident in counting up to 50, it is still fun to practice! There are four activities below. You can complete all of them, or one of them. The most important thing is to have fun. 

  • Count forwards to 50 out loud, and then backwards all the way to 0. Repeat this, a second time, by going faster! Can you do it again even faster?! How about clapping or jumping at the same time?! 
  • Complete the 'Dot-to-Dots' by counting forwards to 50. There are a selection of pictures to choose from. When you have done one, why not do another? This time, count backwards from 50! 
  • Complete the maze by counting up to 50. Can you complete it again by counting backwards?
  • Fill in the missing numbers! Why not get an adult or sibling to test you too?


Learning Objective: I am learning about Phase 5 alternative spellings and pronunciations ('ea' as 'e').


Today, we will looking at an alternative pronunciation for 'ea'. We have learnt that 'ea' makes the 'ee' sound, but it can also sound like 'e'. Find out more here...

Geraldine the Giraffe learns ea as the /e/ sound


Write each word with the 'ea' spelling, from the video, in a sentence. Remember to make sure that your 'ea' word is spelt correctly and don't forget to practice reading your sentences out loud. Here are those words again (I have also added a couple more! Be careful with the last two...)

  • bread
  • spread
  • head
  • lead
  • read


Extension Activity

Can you find any more words that sound like 'e' but have the 'ea' spelling?


Don't forget to keep practicing your phonics over at Phonics Play!

It is FREE and FUN! 


Learning Objective: I can move my body in different ways in response to music. 


I hope that you all enjoyed your Antarctica dance session last week! For today's session, you will need an adult or sibling to help you! We are going to pretend to be penguins. We will greet each other, roll an egg to each other and then pretend to be a baby penguin chick! I hope that you have lots of fun! To get started, just follow this link to BBC Teach...


Antarctica. 3: Penguin parents - BBC Teach


Keeping fit is really important! On top of our PE sessions, there are lots of ways for you to keep active at home! Joe Wicks is doing his daily PE lessons which you can find here...

Joe Wicks PE - YouTube

Also check out 'Cosmic Yoga', 'Just Dance' and 'Go Noodle'. You can access these on Youtube (with a parent's permission!). We use lots of these in school and have so much fun! Or why not set up your own obstacle course in the garden, go for a walk or have fun in your local park. Make the most of this beautiful sunshine!