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Thursday 11th



I can convert imperial units into metric units


Today, we change our focus to imperial units.  Go to MyMaths first to do the tutorial and the homework task.  Then do the sheet below.



I can write a playscript with stage directions


In Shakespeare’s time, play scripts did not include conventions such as detailed stage directions or detailed scene setting. This is often thought to be because Shakespeare’s own blank verse contained hidden direction for actors - the rhythm of the speech telling the actors how to speak the lines (especially important in Shakespeare’s time because there was so little time for group rehearsal before performance).


Using the script from Tuesday to work on re-writing the encounter between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as a modern play script with the usual play script conventions, including a scene-setting description at the start of the script, a list of characters (with ages, descriptions, etc) and stage directions (in terms of characters’ movements, emotions and vocal intonations).

Topic & RE


Topic: Continue with your Henry VIII project - it should be nearing it's end now.


RE: About standing strong together - see below.