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Thursday 26th March

Good afternoon,


I hope you've had a lovely day. I never got round to doing any Lego - it has been so lovely outside; I've put the Lego back in the cupboard for another day and I've been doing some gardening. Early this morning I braved the supermarket queues to get some food - they have put in lots of measures to keep everyone safe, which means queuing outside but I'm happy to do this to ensure everyone stays safe. Gary has been enjoying the lettuce and cucumber I bought for him and I'll add the pictures of him below. 

Mrs Leese has sent me some photos of the plants - you'll be pleased to hear she's looking after them very well! She says she misses you lots and hopes to see you really soon when we can safely get back together. She is reading the posts on here everyday so if you send me something to mention she will see it too. 

Talking of sending things, thank you to Clara and her mum. I loved reading your email this morning. I'm glad you've been keeping fit with Joe Wicks and that you've been getting mum and dad involved too. You've also been really helpful around the house - I've attached the pictures below so you can all see. 


I'd like to end this email by asking you to do 2 things for me tonight. Firstly, you might have heard about the Clap for Carers campaign. If not, it's asking everyone across the country to go onto their doorsteps tonight at 8pm with all your family and clap. We want the biggest, loudest applause to go out across the country to show all the NHS workers and other carers that we really appreciate the special job they are doing. I'll be on my doorstep and it would be lovely to be able to think of you all joining in at the same time. 

Secondly, I would like you to take a moment tonight for a prayer or hopeful reflection for all the families - close to home and all across the country - that are being affected by Covid-19. Whether they have lost loved ones or they are willing friends and family to get through. I know they will appreciate the thoughts of hope and love you can send out into the world. As a class and a school we are a family and we are all here to help and support each other. 


Miss Wood


Picture 1

Gary, Mrs Leese's plants and Clara's fabulous jobs!

Today's maths answers:


Challenge 14:

50% are even

16% are multiples of 3 and 6

25% are prime

12% are factors of 72

Picture 1

Good morning, I hope you are ready for another super day. I think I'm going to do some Lego today. If any of you have been doing some of the Lego/art challenges I set, then please email some photos to the school office. I'll add a page of pictures of the week tomorrow. Not too many though - perhaps just choose 1 or 2, otherwise poor Mr Jewitt will be on his computer sending them to me forever!



Today in maths I'd like you to do challenge 14. Knowing fractions, decimals and percentages out of 100 and being able to convert them is a really important skill. 

As an extra challenge, I've added another maze - this time a BODMAS one. You've also got your maths story to complete though so you might not get all 3 done - I'd prefer to add more and you miss things than have you sat at home without. Just do your absolute best and keep busy. 


Remember, if you'd like to enter the maths story competition, the deadline is tomorrow. You don't have to but you could win £100 for yourself so it's probably worth having a go. 

Optional extra. BEWARE... some answers are negative numbers so count backwards past zero, minus one, minus two etc.

Optional extra. BEWARE... some answers are negative numbers so count backwards past zero, minus one, minus two etc.  1



For English, I'd like you to edit yesterday's writing with better vocabulary choices. You might also want to add a few skills from the writer's toolbox I uploaded yesterday.