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This week's sentence stack!

SoBr - E1.wma

Thank you all for your fabulous contributions. We are building the most amazing story. 


As the night drew in, a fog materialised and the sky darkened. (Ethan) Suddenly the fog developed, the watery mist quickly consumed them. (Mason). Now, the fog was thicker than Erin could have ever imagined it would be. (Ethan). The closer it came,  the more thick it became. (Taran) Erin couldnt even see to the end of her arms. (Isla)
She struggled to contain her emotions as she became swathed in the unilluminated veil. (Eloisa)

Without warning, a monsterous sinister shape towered in the way of the minute boat’s path (Molly). It was a rock as dark as a raven perching on a gravestone (Aaron). It was like dried lava extinguishing all life (Cai). “Oh no! Is this the black rock?” Those thoughts resounded around her brain and through her mouth. “Is this the end?” (Yuval)

Roughly, the waves jolted and the bright, orange boat rocked dangerously (Dylan). Crash! Thud! Whack! Erin plummeted into the teeth-chattering, bitter sea (Lucy). “I wish someone would rescue me before I freeze” thought Erin as she disappeared into the murky depths of the water (Freddie)  but the roofless waves continued whacking into the harsh black rock (Madison).

Desperately, Erin wriggled upwards but it was no use, the sea kept hauling her down again . DARKER! DARKER! DARKER! (Alice) She felt like she was getting lost in the vast abyss. The water stabbed at her, like bees stinging her all over.(Mason). Erin became hopeless , all she could do was hope for the best. She slowly sunk to the bottom of the ocean. (Olivia)  If only she had listened to the scary stories telling her not to go, if only her mum had spotted her sneak on-board, if only her plan up until now wasn't so clever then none of this would have happened.(Jessica)

Black Rock yawned awake , his eyes squinted . Erin jolted backwards as she gasped. The Black Rock was alive. His broad face with gentle eyes and a kindly smile twinkled through the murky waters. She felt put at ease. (Aaron) Suddenly, she noticed powerful colours lighting up the sea. (Isla) Erin noticed a marble angelfish, a transparent cranchiidae and olive-green crab. (Madison). She observed an apricot-orange octopus , a honey-yellow lionfish, a sapphire-blue eel and pickle-green seaweed. (Dylan)

Despite it being last week, I couldn't resist adding Taran's wonderful description of his creature - inspired by Cressida Cowell he's done an amazing job!

As she explored the alien caves, the ground began to rumble and quake. Dirt and stones were being kicked up as the head of a bright, sky blue worm crashed from out of the lower levels . It turned to Ruby and slowly murmured “What is that? Is it food?”

“No I’m a Human. My name is Ruby,” answered Ruby whilst slowly walking forward arms outstretched. Curious, the worm creature continues her interrogation “Do you have a name?”

“We are Yoghen, I am Altarea” replied Altarea hesitantly.

As quick as a flash, Alterea snapped at a piece of black ore and swallowed it whole.

“Did you just eat a rock?” asked Ruby with a confused look on her face. Altarea – deadpan - replied “Yes that’s my food.” Ruby took a good look at the creature and saw wrinkled soft blue skin (which smelt earthy and was sprinkled with pieces of dirt).

“Good bye.” said Altarea as it burrowed back underground.