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This weeks sentence stack

Before the leaves withered and fell, as the drowsy sun fizzled out with an orange flash, a typical run-of-the-mill day for me opened up into an exceptionally astonishing memory. (Yuval) The beach was an outstretch of bleach white glistening sand enveloped by a rustic dull imposing wall. (Aaron) That's when I first laid eyes on the peculiar monstrosity. A very unusual, abnormal sight indeed. (Aston)


The thing was lost, it had no home . It was alone . It was dull, lifeless and emotionless . You could tell , more parts of it were more fragmented than at the beach , parts of it were broken then it began to fade slowly .I was becoming distressingly perturbed about the outlandish creature’s dismantled gearbox, splinted suspension and fragmented regulator. I was beginning to feel the way a parent feels for a child (a need to care and protect), for this cratopus, this orattle, this beeder thing. My heart started to ache uncontrollably as the creature looked around: lost, abandoned, bewildered. There was nothing left to do, this crab-clawed, bell-tinkling, sand-scuttler had stolen my heart and I would have to take it home!

(by Molly Mason and Eloisa)


I took him to my house which took a long time because hundreds of eyes were nosily poking out  of buildings and houses, but I couldn’t blame them seeing a giant metallic… well… thing was extremely strange and maybe even disturbing. Crunch! Squeak! Smash! We trudged down the street. Crash! Smash! Rumble! We squeezed through the door.

“You can’t be serious! What on earth is that?” shrieked mum.

Dad questioned, ”How do we even know if this thing is safe.” He gazed at the thing in disgrace, "That thing better not get in the way of my important work."

(Cai, Jasper, Dexter and  Olivia)


I knew I had to disguise and camouflage this object.  Hidden in the mist, was our icy and frozen shed - it was like a frozen dream perfectly encased in an ice volt. Whilst in the shed, the thing looked awfully hungry and it was eyeing up the Christmas decorations. The thing unhinged its jaw line, ablaze with a magical glare. It was in need of food so I picked up the Christmas decorations and fed it shakily. It widened its mouth. I filled it up with extreme caution. I fed it lots: it ate the food enthusiastically.  The thing looked like it was trying to smile; however, he was still sad.


Freddie, Isla, Aston, Alice and Ethan

I decided to go to the Federal Department of dribs and drabs. It was a site of offices and aisles, cabinets and cases, forms and files.  This was the most baffling place of bits and bobs. Tiptoeing down the dimness of the corridors, I was petrified. It smelt damp and moldy and all the desks were covered in inches of dust. Out of the depth of the hallways a croaky voice whispered “If you care about it, you wouldn't leave it here." The caretaker handed me a miniature card and fled.


Lucy, Madison and Dylan

What is the point of this? Shall I follow this path? So many questions were racing in my head. Questions about friendship, direction and most of all where was this thing going to go. We walked past the tall smokey factories and next to the railway tracks which were scary with overgrown weeds, going down the steps - it was dark. Where is this place? Should I venture inside? Dangerous feelings started erupting inside me ordering me not to go in. Suddenly, a silver mouse popped up out of nowhere. A miniature mouse, which was mechanical but dainty, spun continuous concentric circles around our feet.

Isla, Olivia, Dylan, Eloisa.


I was utterly mesmerized by this new world.  My mind raced, my heart quickened.  I gasped at this wondrous place. The place was full of odd things like the one next to me: his face lit up in excitement. Now, this town was nothing like the one back home. For starters, the whole place looked like it had been flushed with colour, it also shone brighter than the brightest star in the night sky and just looking at it made me happy.  The whole place seemed to emit happiness. Things were bouncing around. Things were hovering over. Things were striding by. What a truly fascinating place! What an undoubtedly heavenly scene!


Freddie, Ethan, Aaron, Madison and Lucy