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This weeks sentence stack!!

Before the leaves withered and fell, as the drowsy sun fizzled out with an orange flash, a typical run-of-the-mill day for me opened up into an exceptionally astonishing memory. (Yuval) The beach was an outstretch of bleach white glistening sand enveloped by a rustic dull imposing wall. (Aaron) That's when I first laid eyes on the peculiar monstrosity. A very unusual, abnormal sight indeed. (Aston)


The thing was lost, it had no home . It was alone . It was dull, lifeless and emotionless . You could tell , more parts of it were more fragmented than at the beach , parts of it were broken then it began to fade slowly .I was becoming distressingly perturbed about the outlandish creature’s dismantled gearbox, splinted suspension and fragmented regulator. I was beginning to feel the way a parent feels for a child (a need to care and protect), for this cratopus, this orattle, this beeder thing. My heart started to ache uncontrollably as the creature looked around: lost, abandoned, bewildered. There was nothing left to do, this crab-clawed, bell-tinkling, sand-scuttler had stolen my heart and I would have to take it home!

(by Molly Mason and Eloisa)

The  Felt Tips
Patterned Pencil Case 
Writing Classroom
Shooting Stars Academy 


Dear Fantastic Felt-Tips,

I was absolutely horrified to receive your letter this morning. I have behaved appallingly towards you and I can only apologise for the distress I have caused. (Aston) My friends and I are so sorry for not treating you with the respect you deserve. We would really like to make amends and show you how much we appreciate you. (Mason) If we would be so lucky as to be in your presence again, we would treat you with love and respect. (Aaron)

First of all, I am extremely sorry of the irresponsible actions that left Yellow, Blue and Orange void of use. (Freddie) When the bell shouted hometime, my friends and I charged out of the classroom, this was because we were so excited about playing football in the sunshine. We did not think about our actions. (Aston) We were just so oblivious to the fact that we were causing you so much trouble. (Cai) This was not a planned execution. (Molly)


Before our math lesson , we founded the Marker Monitors , who after every session search for the missing pens , confirm their location and scrutinise people putting the pens away. (Molly) Miss Smart has impressed upon us that, “THAT NOT A SOUL” will be allowed to go out for break until every single pen, without exception, has its lid on. (Eloisa) In addition, we will be running a sponsored silence to raise funds to buy more colours: periwinkle-blue, banana-yellow and coffee-brown. (Kamryn)


I am dreadfully apologetic about the tip-tearing incident . (Taran) As a class we have put rules in place so that none of you get lost or dried up. Hopefully everyone will stick to these rules. (Jess) e.g. tidyng the felt tips every lesson, counting lids after every session. (Ethan) So please be confident, this will never happen again. (Dexter)


We understand why you are displeased with us for the under use of Pink Felt Tip. (Alice) In addition, we have been learning how to be more adventurous and imaginative in today’s art lesson. (Madison) You are utterly correct. Sprouts would look 5 times flavourful if they were flamingo-pink and a coral-pink guitar would look 5 times cooler. (Dylan) Imagine all of the things we could do together. Tough-guy policeman? Candy-pink. Brain-slurping Martians? Makeup-pink. Nightmare-inflicting sprouts? Scratch the flamingo-pink. They might even taste better in slushy-pink. (Yuval)


Lastly, I have carefully considered my terrible treatment of the scented pens and now understand that my actions have been disrespectful. Their beautiful bouquet was just too delectable! Green had the scent of crisp, crunchy apples and yellow had the aroma of freshly baked banana bread. However, I now realise that my constant snuffling was impolite and must come to an immediate end. (Mason)


We want to say an enormous heartfelt thank you for your dedicated service and hope you will come back home. (Aaron) Surely leaping on top of grassy hills, bouncing up rocky mountains and sliding around on glistening ice rinks is better than being shoved in a dusty cupboard. (Isla) Unloved. Uncertain.  Unfair.   Abandoned.  Rejected.  Lonely.  That cupboard made you feel distressed, no one liked it when they were put in there so again, we are all very sorry about the mishap.(Freddie)

We vehemently vow to consider your feelings and we believe that we are able to be more than just colleagues but friends from now on.


Your affable, amiable, affectionate ally,

Leonora Lacklustre.


P.S. I positively promise, Felt Tips, you can have faith in us as you will always be the most cherished, tremendous, treasure in our classroom.