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This week's sentence stack

I knew that I had to camouflage the thing in the back of the shed. The shed was as cold as a slippery ice ring. (Jess) It opened its magnificent mouth filled with glowing goo. (Lucas) I fed the monster lovingly. It ate the food happily. (Lana) Although the thing was trying to smile, it still seemed unsatisfied. (Poppy)
I decided to go to the department of odds and ends.(Caleb) We boarded the two-hour long tram which  brought us to a bleak, drab building which stood oppressively in the centre of town. (Noa) It was a place of hallways and passages, cabinets and containers , documents and dossiers. (Jenson) This was the strangest place of bric a - bracs. Strolling down the gloomy corridors, I was petrified. (Hanifa) There was a smell of bleach, zipping out of the vents which made me even more uneasy.  (Ezz) Something tapped my shoulder “It’s dangerous here, if you truly love the Lost Thing you will leave with it alongside you!” said a small janitor behind me. He passed me a small, blue card which read ‘Return to the found place’. (Griff)

Is this the way? Should I take this route? Things kept coming to my mind about helping others, friendship and looking after things. (Jess)  Thoughts entered my mind about unwanted things, buddies and helping others. (Lucas)  The business card took us on a journey through the gloomy city. We walked beside the smoky factories, next to the dusty, cold alleyway and across the old railway track until we found a humongous metal door. (Lana) A  white mouse appeared. The wind-up mouse, which was mechanical and miniature, hovered near our feet. (Hanifa)
Without any rush, the heavy, metal door gradually opened, unveiling a strange yet alluring paradise filled to the brim with magic. (Noa)  The  place dazzled in the daylight, echoed  with excitement and beamed with beauty. (Lucas)  Things were whirling around. Things were hopping up and down. Things were racing past. (Lana)  What an absolutely enchanting place! (Jenson)