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This week's sentence stack

We want to say an enormous thank you for your loyal service this half term and hope you come back very soon. (Jess) Surely, skidding around a big ice rink or leaping through the lush grass and rolling down a massive mountain is better being flung into a cupboard somewhere? (Lana)   Dumped, rejected, forgotten. (Jenson)

We guarantee to consider your feelings and never to abandon you ever again. (Jess) 

Your generous, warm, kindhearted pal,

Penny Pupil  (Griff)

P.S. I swear, Felt Tips, you can trust our class. You will be the most prized and precious possessions in our classroom. (Hanifa)

The lost thing

Many summers ago, what appeared to be a unique day suddenly turned into a remarkable day. (Charlie) The beach was a long arc of shining coconut-white sand surrounded by a wall: warn, rusty, imposing. (Hanifa) At that very moment, before my very eyes, I saw the thing. I saw the peculiar thing. A rather unusual, eccentric, perplexing thing indeed. (Noa). 

I was becoming extremely worried about the thing’s broken filter, rusty sprocket and pale engine. (Lana). I was beginning to feel attached to this seaplane, octobike, liocopter kind of thing. (Lucas) There was nothing left to do but take the sand-gurgler, rusty-ringer, metal-wadler home. (Hanifa)

Clunk! Creak! Crash! We tottered awkwardly down the street, trying desperately to ignore the sea of curious eyes fixing their gaze on us. (Noa) Crash! Pop! RUMBLE! We somehow managed to compress ourself through the rigid doorway of my loving family's house. (Ezz) 

“What the heck! You can’t be serious?” huffed Mum.

Dad grunted,”This will need feeding and that means bills, big bills!” (Ffion)