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Dear Fantastic Felt Tips,


I was saddened to see your letter this morning and feel so angry at myself for letting this problem to happen in the first place. (Marco). I apologize how my classmates and I have treated you and I would love you to come back. The classroom is a different without you. (Macie).


Most importantly, I am immensely sorry about the severe yet uncontrollable event which tragically ended the  short lives of the much loved Yellow, Blue and Orange. (Noa) When the clock’s fingers turned to 3 o’clock and the bell chimed loudly, my classmates and I sprinted to the door. This was because I was rushing to play  video games with my friends that afternoon. Leaving your lids off was not intentional.  (Lucas) We are exceedingly sorry for your losses, we always will be! When the bell screamed, all of the children spinted out of the class before I could even tell them to check up on you and your poor allies! (Ezz)

Earlier this morning, we established table felt tip monitors who will ensure that all of the lids are on after the lesson. Mrs Bossy Boots has told us that absolutely NOBODY will be allowed to leave the classroom until every lid is back on every felt tip. (Amelia) Plus we are going to auction the teacher’s PC to raise money to buy new colours: rose-pink, ripe-green and chocolate brown. (Lucas). 

I am very sorry about the incident that just occured. The class have made rules with the felt tips. (Caleb) For example, find all pens at the end of the day. When done with, pens are put away. We pledge to always care for you. (Thomas). 

We truly understand why you are unsatisfied with the less use of Pink. (Lana) We are going to try and use as many colours as we possibly can in today's art lesson. (Caleb) You’re right. An alien may seem harmless coloured in pink and no lion has ever been magenta. (Thomas)

Lastly, I completely understand I have disrespected the scented pens. (Lucas) The scented smell was rich and too delicious. (Charlie) The orange pen smelt like a juicy watery orange and the red smelt like a smooth delicious strawberry. (Jenson) The class was blown away, Green’s aroma was so strong children were coughing all over the place. These pens were so mouth-watering that we made a separate tray for them. (Ezz) Despite that, I now know all the smelling was obnoxious and irresponsible, so it must stop. (Griff)