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This weeks Sentence Stack

What a marvellous morning filled with fabulous writing. Well done to all of you!

Is your name on the stack today?

Who will it be tomorrow?


Erin hung motionless under the surface of the water admiring her boundless surroundings. (Mason) She held her breath and gazed in awe at the mesmerizing, magnificence of the marine world surrounding her: a party of psychedelic rainbow fish, a cast of crystalline jellyfish and a parade of polychromatic prawns. (Eloisa) She was dazzled by nature’s beauty in this magical wonderland (Taran) – completely bewitched by the wondrous surroundings. (Freddie)

Flinging herself backwards, Erin noticed on the rocks: fissures from mechanical parts from the long-forgotten ships, hanging ancient fishing nets and a ginormous, tarnished anchor laying on the seabed. (Jasper) The girl glanced at the prickly pufferfish polishing of the rest of his breakfast, miraculous mudskipper meandering through the colossal coral and a colourful crab seizing onto an unusual rock. (Dylan) An octopus calmly floated by, quickly overtaken by an impossibly fast, lightning quick eel. (Yuval)

As slow as the glow of a neon angler fish illuminating the dark, Black Rock’s hand rose through the water and carried Erin. (Aston) “How are you alive!” gasped Erin. (Aaron) Erin understood deep down in her heart that this experience was unbeatable and that it was ever going to happen again. It was truly amazing but it did have to end. (Isla)  “Please can you take me home?” She pleaded wearily. (Lucy)

Erin dipped her toes into the ultramarine-blue sea. She graced the pulsing tide. (Kamryn) She felt the calm water splashing between her fingers. The slippery eels followed the pink prawns that followed the jiggly jellyfish that followed by Black Rock back towards land. (Alice) With their unexpected unity, Erin returned safely to shore. Her head was as full of good thoughts as the sea is full of fish. What an extraordinary adventure. But, most importantly, she had proven the old tales wrong and made a new friend.