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This week's sentence stack

Erin absorbed in the large vivid magnificent sea. (Marco) She took a moment to enjoy the dazzling diversity of marine life: a squad of squid, a parade of prawns and a solitary octopus. (Ediz) Erin was so amazed at how magical it looked because this was a wonderland. A mythical magical place which felt like home to her. (Elizabeth).

Swimming back into the water, Erin noticed scrapes on the rock from a sinking boat, knotted fishing nets and a rusty, sharp anchor. (Hanifa). Erin soon realised that there was nice places in the ocean and sometimes there was not. Seaweed everywhere, forgotten fishing nets and an anchor that lost its owner. (Caleb) Erin took a very close look at the chrome black rock, the scrapes from what seemed to be old treasure chests. The crawling crabs, the fantastic featherbacks, the perfect pufferfish, the marvelous mudskippers, the spectacular seahoreses. There was everything. (Ezz).

Slow as a flow of a whale spray erupting to the surface Black Rock’s hand rose through the sea and carried Erin (Ellie). ‘’Are you dangerous?’’ she mumbled (Olivia). Erin knew deep down this was the most unbelievable moment of her life and that she would never forget it.(Amelia). 

Erin dipped her toes into the azure-blue ocean.She touched the gentle lapping waves. (Hanifa). The outstanding flying fish followed the perfect prawns that followed the silly stingrays that were followed by Black Rock. (Elizabeth). Working as a team, they made it all the way back to the shore. They had an enchanting time, but more than that, they had learned the power of teamwork. (Mathilda). 

The day the crayon's quit


The P. Pens


                             1st Table Trays


                             Miss A’s Cool Class 


                             Top Marks Middle School


Dear Fantastic Felt Tips,


I was saddened to see your letter this morning and feel so angry at myself for letting this problem to happen in the first place. (Marco). I apologize how my classmates and I have treated you and I would love you to come back to the classroom will be different without you. (Macie).