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This week's sentence stack

On this page, I will be using your amazing writing from Mrs C's sessions to create our own collaborative class story. Check in every day to see if one of your sentences has been added! It was very hard to choose today as you all did such a fantastic job!

Thursday's sentences come from Noa, Lucas, Isca and Ben. 

Friday's sentences come from Lana, Macie and Mathilda. 


During the slow build up to dusk, when the moon lifted up in the sky as daylight started to fade, a fog descended all around the edges of the fishing port. the boat. The fog was misty. The fog became mistier. The fog was the mistiest she had ever imagined. The situation rapidly worsened until Erin could not see her hand in front of her face any more.  


All at once, a monstrous, threatening shape towered in front of the boat.  It was a rock as dark as a vicious panther ready to pounce into the darkness of the fog.

“No! Where should I go?” panicked Erin nervously, out loud.


The boat tossed, turned and was flung fiercely and ferociously. Crash! Bang! Wallop! Erin plunged into the horribly cold sea.“Please, help me!” she thought. The brutal waves were battering against the shadowy rock.


She flailed relentlessly upwards whilst the sea wrestled her further downwards. She frantically grappled as she uncontrollably tried to get to the surface of the ocean, but she was dragged - Deeper, deeper, deeper. Erin was lost in an empty void. It was a terrifying place. She fell in the smooth coral sea bed.


Black Rock yawned awake. Erin shivered. His wide face with big eyes and a friendly smile shone calmly through the water. The girl felt reassured. Erin glanced a plum-purple Angel fish, blush-pink Parrot fish,  colourless Jellyfish and a fire- orange crab