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The Train Ride

Climb aboard for a rhythmic train ride through the country. There's lots to see and someone very special waiting at the end! A little girl and her mother board the train in town and set off on a journey through the countryside. As they travel, the girl looks out of the window, asking What shall I see? What shall I see? And what does she see? Sheep, cows, horses and much more!

Oi Get Off Our Train Year by John Burningham

Get Off Our Train is about a little boy and his toy dog as they go on an imaginary adventure on a train. Along the way the meet lots of different animals who want to get on board the train. They explain that their homes are being destroyed by people, so they can no longer live there so the boy and the dog let them ride along until they must go home.

You Can't Take An Elephant On A Bus

We All Go Travelling By [with CC]

This rhythmic I-spy journey to school through various landscapes is the perfect introduction to colors, modes of transport, and of course, music! The jaunty text, Siobhan Bell's colorful hand-stitched illustrations and the accompanying Music CD by popular singer Fred Penner are sure to get children singing along happily. The I-Spy theme encourages reader/listener interaction, while the cumulative, repetitive text helps build sequencing skills. We All Go Traveling By is ideal for read-aloud and music and movement activities.

Up, Up, Up! by Susan Reed

Join Ms. Bell for an adventure to the moon! Get ready to sing and enjoy one of your classroom favourites.

The Snail and the Whale (with sound effects)

The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson, read-aloud with sound effects.