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St. John's Forum

Welcome to St. John's Forum





Next Meeting: Wednesday 12th February 2020 at 3:30pm


Please pass agenda items to your Class Rep by Friday 31st January 

Your Class Representatives


Please pass ideas and potential agenda items to your Class Reps and they will put them forward for consideration for the next agenda. 


Reception Mr Wu & Dr Palladino
1 Mrs Williams
2 Mrs Stuttard & Mrs Meakin
3 Mrs Madhaven & Mrs Andras
4 Mrs Lewis & Mrs Williams
5 Ms Birks
6 Mrs Lewis & Mrs Meakin


If you are interested in becoming a Class Representative, please see Mr Jewitt.


What is St. John's Forum?

The Forum aims to discuss a range of issues and offer opinion on a variety of subjects relating to school life. Although it is not be a decision making body, the forum has the opportunity to influence decisions through an open dialogue with the Headteacher and Deputy. The forum will meet at different times and items are very open and can be suggested by the parents and by the school. It is a genuine attempt to seek the views of parents and develop a stronger partnership, by improving understanding through communication.


In summary, the forum will aim to achieve the following outcomes... 

  • To listen to the voice of our stakeholders
  • For parents' views to impact on school life and decisions made about local services
  • To have consultations with Parent Forum members - one every term
  • To receive information about the school and its activities
  • To participate in deciding how the Parent Forum operates
  • To identify issues Parents want the Parent Forum to work on in school
  • To work in partnership with staff
  • To enjoy taking part in the life of the school in whatever way they can