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Secret reader 2021

Children - If you have opened this page, please go back!

Adults - Remember, this page contains top secret information. All information must be kept secret from your child including what you are reading and when. 

Who? All parents, older siblings, grandparents or other special people.


What? Record yourself reading a short book or a chapter/extract from a longer book and send it to 

You may wish to start with something like "Hello everyone, I am _____'s grandad from Opal class and today I'm your special reader. I am going to read ______ to you." 

If we get enough videos, they will be split into a daily video for Nursery>Y2 and a video for Y3>Y6. So do not worry if you are a parents of an older child and want to read an extract from a more advanced story. 


Video? It does not matter if the camera is on you or on the book during the video. Do whatever you feel most confident with. Please ensure your videos are no more than 10 minutes in length. If possible, please save you video as mp4 and a size no bigger than 75mb. 


Which book? You can read a story, non-fiction extract or even a poem or two. It can be for any age child and we'd love some extracts from chapters of books for the older children as well as short stories for the younger ones. 


When? Send your videos ASAP as we will launch as soon as we are able and will continue until the end of the lockdown as long as the videos keep coming!


Why? To open up the world of reading possibilities to children by getting them interested in a range of books.