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I can explain how shadows are formed. 

1) Watch the lesson video

2) Use the sheet linked below to recap our learning so far and explain how shadows are formed. 

3) Use a torch or a light on a phone to experiment with making shadows. What happens if you move the object closer to the torch? Further away? How blurred or sharp is the shadow?

W.B - 1/2/21

I can explain how light is reflected and design a product that reflects light. 


1) Read the powerpoint presentation linked below. You won't be able to click on the video link as I have had to convert it to a pdf so here is the link for the video:

2) Test which materials around your house are most reflective using a torch. 

2) Design your bookbag and write an explanation about why you chose the materials. You can use the worksheet to write your explanation if you would like to. 

W.B - 25/1/21

I can understand how we see.


1) Read the information in the powerpoint (this is in google classroom as it was too large to upload).

2) Open the document below and draw lines to show how the light is travelling into each person's eyes and allowing them to see the object. The answers are on the second page. 

3) Open the 'how do we see' document on google classroom and fill in the blanks from the word bank at the bottom of the page. 

W.B 18/1/21

I understand how light travels.

1) Watch Miss Anderson's lesson below.

2) Complete the experiment. To do this experiment you will need: the worksheet, a torch (or one on a phone), a comb and a pen or pencil. 

W.B. 11/1/21

I can sort objects into light sources and objects that reflect light.


Light sources