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Reception Induction

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Opal (Reception) Class!


I have added a few more information items and ideas that will hopefully keep you going (inbetween your family fun!) through the summer break! 

Getting ready for Reception Class

Help your child to fill in this booklet and bring it to school when they start in September. Thank you!

Summer project 2020

Please help your child to make a memory box to bring into school on their first day. The example below is the best I could find but is very ambitious!

You only need to use one box and your box should have a family photo on the bottom of the box so that it can be seen when displayed on the wall. You can then decorate the box with items/photos/memorabilia/paintings/paper/souvenirs etc which relates to your child.

We will then have a circle time where your child can tell us about their box before we display it on the wall.

Have fun making your box!!

Early Learning Goals

What your child should be able to do by the end of Reception class!


Alphablocks - Word Magic "S-A-T" (Red Learning Level Step 1)

A first look at the first phonics sounds we will learn - or that your child may already know!

Numberblocks - 1,2,3 | Maths for Kids | Cartoons for Kids | Wizz

A first look at small numbers and addition.


Welcome to Reception Class (soon to be known as Opal class)! This is a quick introduction to the school, teachers and some of the activities we have been doing. We hope it gives you a flavour of a year in the life of an early years classroom! Learning through play!!

Meet the Teacher video!