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Last week you watched a video on how god made the world, and drew a picture of a church. 

Why is Church important?

Regardless of religion or sect, the church plays an important and very influential role in the way people live or conduct their lives. For many people, the church serves as a place for learning the stories that relate to one’s God and one’s own beliefs. For this reason alone, the church is considered an important part of people’s lives.

This week we are going to take a look inside a church and find out the important parts of a church.

Take a look at the slide show below and when its finished you can draw another picture of the inside of your church and label the important parts of your church. 

Click on the link which will give you a virtual tour of a cathedral.


Our Daily Bread for Kids

365 meaningful moments with God

Each week I am also going to be sharing with you a passage out of the titled book above.