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I can write my own prayer, thinking of the world today.

Last week we looked at the importance of Christian symbols and what they represent.

This week we are looking at the importance of the bible and prayer.

The Bible is the holy book of Christians. The Christian Bible contains the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament contains the same books as the Jewish Bible (although Christians have a different view of what is written down) and was written before Jesus’s birth. The New Testament contains stories about Jesus written by people who met him or had heard of him.

Sunday is a time when most Christians meet to worship God, whether in a church, a hall or someone's house.

A church can be big, small, old, new, plain or highly decorated. You will find that the floor plan of many churches is in the shape of a cross.

Church services usually include prayers, hymns and readings from the Bible.

Christians believe that praying to God allows them to say sorry for the things they have done wrong and thank you for their blessings, to pray for other people (for example, for healing) and to pray for his help and strength for themselves. Christians believe that God wants them to be like Jesus Christ and carry on the good work he did in the world.

Christians talk to God through prayer:

We ask for guidance, being grateful, asking for help and praying can be like talking to a friend.

We also see prayers in church.

The Lord's Prayer, taught by Jesus to his friends, is the most popular Christian prayer.

Used all over the world and in hundreds of languages, the prayer is well known.

Now have a go at writing your own prayer any way you like - in pictures, words, a song, acrostic or using alliteration. The choice is yours. Send in a picture or video of it and we will upload to your class page. 

Have fun!

Here is a song version of the lords prayer.

Our Daily Bread for Kids

365 meaningful moments with God.

Each week I'm going to be posting pages from the above book.

Here's this weeks.