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Healthy Eating Healthy Me

 This half term we are going to look at what a balanced diet is. It is important that you understand the meaning of the word diet in this context i.e the range of foods humans need to eat. It is important to stress that diet in this context is not linked to weight loss. We are also going to be looking at healthy lifestyle.

Your task is to make a food diary of what you eat this week. List your days of the week on a page and every day write down what you eat for your breakfast, dinner, tea and snacks. Also include on each day what exercise you have done.

Next week we will be looking at a healthy plate and seeing what you can tick off as being healthy on your food diary. 

No-one will see your food diary so be honest with what you put down. This may help you to make informed choices about how you may want to amend your diet and lifestyle. You can make your diary in any way you like. Have fun!