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I can explore my feelings about returning to school. 


Next week, we are returning to school. Some of you may feel really excited about coming back but others may feel a little nervous or anxious. Remember, it is ok to feel a little worried about returning. Things have been different for everyone recently.

As your teachers, we will try really hard to make the return an exciting one for everyone and can't wait to see you all back together with your friends.


For today's lesson, we would like you to explore what you are looking forward to when you return to school and what you are worried about.


You could do this however you wish, but here are a few ideas:


* Record yourself sharing your thoughts, explaining them in your video.

*Write a diary with your feelings in.

*Draw a picture 

*Make two lists. One with all of the good things about returning and another with the things that you're not looking forward to. 

*Use emojis to show your thoughts and feelings 


Please upload a picture of your work to Google Classroom for us to see. 

Sometimes, just by sharing your worries, it can help make them feel less troublesome.