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Please note - lots of the children already have the extra items at home and have offered to share. Please ask before you have to purchase and we will do our best to provide what we have.

Please bring in your child's costume by Friday 25th June


Chorus narrators - Ancient Greek costume (white togas with a leaf headdress)


All Argonauts - Ancient Greek white toga and a sword through a belt

Extras for argonauts

Jason: If possible epaulettes/ other to show he is the captain

Herakles: a lion's fur and large old medal

Polydeuces: boxing gloves

Atalanta: spear


Women of Lemnos: togas with flower garlands and grass skirts/ bright sarongs


Pelias: red toga with a crown. ? Kings cape


Phineus: ragged/ ripped and dirty toga or black trousers and plain t-shirt


Harpies: Black joggers and plain black t-shirt. We will provide black 'wings' at school


Aetes: Royal Blue (or other royal coloured) toga with a crown. ? Kings cape


Medea: white toga


Eros: toga with angel wings, bow and arrow


Dragon: We will provide the costume in school (black trousers and t-shirt)







Topic project 2 - Ancient Greece - running from Wednesday 21st October to Friday 6th November 2020

Topic project 1 - Anderson Shelters.

running from September to 16th October 2020