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More about Curriculum

Why this curriculum?

(Our Intent)


At St. John’s we aim to deliver a varied, stimulating and exciting curriculum that brings learning to life for our children and teachers to enjoy.


The curriculum is underpinned by, and designed to enhance, our seven core attitudes to learning: self-belief, inquisitiveness, positivity, resilience, thoughtfulness, respect and independence.  Through consultation with all stakeholders, these were found to be the most important values to being a good learner. By being Thoughtful and Respectful learners, our Christian ethos is at the heart of who we are and who we aim to be.


We aim to harness each child’s Positivity and this thirst for knowledge, and enable all of our learners to have great desire and be Inquisitive.  Through carefully crafted Independent learning activities, our children have a variety of opportunities to follow their own learning and find answers to the questions that matter to them.


Our inspirational and aspirational curriculum will engage and challenge all learners.  Our children will understand that to be successful they must have Resilience when faced with difficulties – mistakes are to be embraced and seen as a learning opportunity, not a failure.

Further enhancement of our curriculum can be seen in regular WOW Weeks, trips, visitors to the school, whole school initiatives, drama productions, music lessons and other extra-curricular activities.  All these opportunities, together with our bespoke curriculum, will see our children’s self-belief flourish and help to prepare each and every child for the next step in their learning.



At St John's CE Primary School we follow the National Curriculum throughout the school in EYFS, KS1 and KS2. We firmly believe that the School Curriculum should be broad and balanced, offering children the opportunity to achieve success in many different areas. We believe in preparing our pupils for life beyond St John's so our school curriculum aims to cover the children's academic needs and also their physical, moral, cultural, spiritual and social needs. We want our children to be successful and happy young people who are 'Secondary ready' and embrace life in modern Britain.


Developing every child’s literacy and numeracy is central to our planning and teaching.  Each day we focus specifically on these vital basic skills in our basic skills sessions.  Then we apply these skills in our cross curricular themed learning throughout the rest of the day. Our cross-curricular approach to learning has a strong creative focus based on key themes, helping children to learn in meaningful contexts, independently and collaboratively. We encourage creativity and support the children in expressing themselves, in all areas of the curriculum, to develop their confidence and foster cooperation.  Our curriculum is designed in terms of experiences and activities that will promote the continued growth of each child through the acquisition of knowledge, concepts and key skills.

Each class studies a different theme in depth each half term, leading to approximately 6 themes per school year.  The topic overviews can be found on each of the class pages - please see these for more information.


School Visits


Curriculum linked Educational visits are arranged throughout the year that build on the themes children are learning within school.


Extra Curricular Activities


At St John’s we believe in educating the whole child, one way we achieve this is by offering a wide variety of extracurricular activities and clubs.  Activities run during lunchtimes and after school.  Some of the current clubs on offer are cooking, French, multi-skills, dodgeball and a running club.