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Monday 18th May

Monday morning came round fast!

This is our last week working on time. I bet you are all now getting very good at telling the time both with an analogue clock and a digital one. In English we are carrying on with some lovely activities linked to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . Thank you to everyone who has sent in their work...we loved the Golden Tickets. You can view them on the photos for week 5 and 6 if you haven't already seen them.

Have a great week everyone!


I can calculate start and/or end times.

Today we are looking at the time that things start and finish and how long they last. Start by looking carefully at the powerpoint. They are using a number line just like you are used to, but are working in minutes. To check your answers, you might find it useful to have a clock with hands you can move if you one at home. 

Choose the level that you think is right for you then when you have finished, the answers are below. 


There is also a link to a game related to what you have been learning. Select the level that is right for you and enjoy!




I can ask and answer questions in role of a character from a story.

Today you are going to be news reporters, asking the winners of the Golden Tickets questions in an interview.


Read chapter 8, ‘Two more Golden Tickets Found'


Now watch the clip showing the children who won the tickets and listen out for questions asked by the reporters.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - The Four Rotten Children

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

Imagine you are a newspaper reporter interviewing one of the children about finding the Golden Ticket. What would you ask them? What do you think they would say?


Choose one of the characters you would like to interview. Ask three questions and answer them in role. Remember question marks.



Reporter: How did you feel when you found the Golden Ticket?


Violet: Oh, I wasn’t at all surprised, I win everything.


In the example I have used the word ‘How’ to start my question. Use the words from the speech bubble poster below to start your sentence.



Last week we looked at who you are and what you mean to different people by sticking a photo or drawing a picture of yourself and getting members of your family and friends to tell you what you mean to them. This is like Brahman as he is one god with lots of different aspects.

This week we are going to do an experiment. Take a glass of water and put in a tiny bit of salt or sugar - it will dissolve into the water and you won't be able to see it or remove it. Now taste the water and you will taste the salt or sugar in every drop of the water. In this analogy the water represents the world and the salt represents Brahman, though invisible Brahman is everywhere.

Christians believe God created the world and Hindus believe that Brahman is in everything in the world. 

Take a look at the videos below which explain about different hindu deities/gods and the importance of them at home, in the temple and in Puja.