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Monday 29th June

                                       Good Morning Everyone

We hope you have all had a great weekend. The weather has been very changeable hasn't it? We got a few soakings when we went for a walk on Saturday! Did any of you see the past performances from Glastonbury  that were televised this weekend? I stayed up very late on Saturday night to watch Bruce Springstean, Arctic Monkeys, Cold Play and  Edele. They were all fabulous and the crowd were really enjoying themselves. This week we are also in for a treat with the showing of some of the best tennis matches from Wimbledon. Look out for those and see if you can learn how to score a tennis game. If you have a tennis racquet you could develop your don't need a lot of space as you can use a wall to practise against....please watch out for the windows though!

We hope you have a great week. The activities are in the usual places. Keep in touch and let us know how you get along. We are missing you loads and are very proud that you are continuing to try your best.


I can carry out a whole, half, quarter and three quarter turn.



Still image for this video


Still image for this video

PowerPoint Turns and Angles

Top Tip for Activity 1

Look closely at the starting point of the arrow!

Activity 1 Answers


I can use powerful verbs to label a story map.

Look back at the activity you completed on Friday.

Now, start today by looking at page 13 and 14 of the story. Read carefully these two pages, looking out for the powerful verbs as you go. I would like you to draw a story map of Pharaoh’s journey from when he set sail to when he reaches the servant girls at the water’s edge. Draw pictures and label with short phrases what is happening in each one, using some powerful verbs. You can use some from the book but can you also think of some of your own? Remember a thesaurus is good to use for this type of activity. There is a link to an online Thesaurus below. Just type the word into the search bar. 

The Egyptian Cinderella Book


We hope that you have enjoyed this summer term looking at the Hindu religion. In year 3 we look at both Hinduism and Christianity and for this next few weeks we are going to look at things that both these religions believe in and follow. 

This week it is Peace.

Peace and non-violence are the virtues broadly accepted in Hinduism in the ancient texts and practice. In Sanskrit the term shanti is used for peace. ... Hindu religion believes in the existence of God everywhere.

Christian teachings on forgiveness cover issues of peace and conflict as well as different interpretations of some of those teachings. Some Christian believers, despite suffering personal tragedy, have chosen to forgive those who have sinned against them as part of their faith.

Below is a page you can fill in describing what you think peace is.