St John's CE (VC) Primary School

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Monday 4th October

Maths - I can partition.

Today we are having a Maths morning so we can have the chance to explore our learning in lots of different ways. Our focus today is 'partitioning'. Partitioning is when you split something up into different groups and group sizes. When you have the whole group, it is called 'the whole' and the different groups are called 'parts'. You could have 6 toy animals - the group of animals would be the 'whole'. If you split the animals into the different animals (lets say there are 2 pigs, 1 sheep and 3 horses) you would have 2 is a part, 1 is a part and 3 is a part. Have a go at doing this at home with some of your toys. Can you have a small group or pile? Can you find the 'whole'? Can you say what the parts are? Try this with counters, toy cars, beads or anything else you could partition. 


Once you have practiced this a few times, have a go at trying to record your answers in a part, part, whole model. 

​​​​​Above is a 'part, part, whole' model. It helps us to understand how we can part numbers, objects or images. The circle on the left is the 'whole' and the two circles coming off are the 'parts'. Try drawing your own part, part, whole model. Use some of your toys or counters from earlier and try putting them inside the 'whole' section. Then decide how you are going to part them and split them between the 'parts' (making sure you share ALL of the objects and don't leave any in the whole). Can you find different ways to do this? Practice together and try to explain the different ways you have partitioned your objects. 


Once you are able to do this in different ways and with different objects, see if you can record you answers and say how many are in the whole and how many are in each part. It might help to draw a little part, part, whole model to record your answers. 


DT - I can build a house.

For our DT lesson today, we are going to use our plan and design to help us to build our houses. Explore using different methods to attach the materials together (glue, tape, string, etc) and try to include all the features from your design (windows, doors, a roof, chimney, decorations, etc). You might want to paint your house and add extra detail. I would love to see your final pieces so please send me a photograph once you have finished. 


Phonics - Recap phase 3 'oi'

Today we are going to practice the 'oi' sound. Try the activities below to help you practice reading and writing 'oi' words.