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Monday 4th May

Comprehension Answers


Today, I've posted an arithmetic test for you.  One of the documents is the full layout of the paper, the other is just a one-page print-off of the questions to make it easier if you do need to print the questions.  Answers are at the end of the full document.



Today, I would like you to have a go at the next comprehension text, 'Dogs are good for you!'  Good luck.


This week's project is based around VE Day.  I want you to find out what VE Day is all about and how it was originally celebrated.  Why are we making such a fuss of it this year?  What are you doing to celebrate?  When you look into it, you'll find that it celebrated the end of something.  I would then like you to find out all about the thing that had ended and present your findings.  When your project is complete, send it in for sharing.


Something Different


Write a quiz for the family.  Think of 4 or 5 different categories and create 5-10 questions about each category.  Then, sit the family down and find out who the brains in the family is!