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Monday 6th July

Morning everyone, did you have a great weekend?  I really can't believe we have only 2 weeks left, despite being stuck at home the time really has flown by and I expect many of you have all grown so much. Talking of growing, I thought you might like to see a picture of how much mine and Mrs Clews' puppies are growing.  Molly (Mrs Stone's) is now nearly 6 months old Oscar is 


Our theme this week is 'Castle and Dragons'  for some inspiration maybe watch Shrek, Tangled or The Good Dinosaur.  We can be really creative with this topic so I will be adding a craft idea each day as well as our other phonics and maths.  I hope you all have a fabulous week, we are incredibly proud of how you are all doing, you are trying so hard and hopefully making some wonderful memories x

Monday morning and we are onto week 5 of the Joe Wicks 5 minute workouts for P.E. today.

5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 5 | The Body Coach TV



'Cool' Activity - Have a listen to the story below 'When the dragon's came'.  What did you like about the book, do you like dragons?


'Hot' Activity - We are going to work our way through 4 new sounds this week to finish off the sounds before spending the last week of term concentrating on blending to make words and perhaps some tricky words.


Today's sound is 'w'.  The phonics song is below just scroll forward till you find 'w'.  The action is to blow onto your open hands like the wind.  When you have listened to the song log into espresso and see what Scrap has to say about 'w' and then try the initial sound game.



When the Dragons Came - Bedtime Story Read Aloud

When the Dragons Came. READ ALOUD BOOKS FOR CHILDREN ~ Bedtime stories for kids - Tonight let's read: When the Dragons Came. (Naomi Kefford & Lynne Moore, il...

Jolly Phonics Phase Two



The next two weeks are going to be all about recapping lots things that we have done but the biggest area to focus on for those children moving into Reception is that they are confident with the numbers 1-10 - they should be able to order them, recognise them and be able to match quantity to number.  As always do what your child is comfortable with, maths should be fun if singing rhymes helps or using physical objects or using p.e. to help them do what you find engages your child.


Recap ordering 1-10, recognising and matching quantity.


Write out the numbers 1-10 on pieces of paper, can you put them in order?  If the grown up puts them down with some missing can you fill in the missing numbers?  Can you get some pasta or lego bricks and then match the right amount to the right number.


To have a practice at all of this try the counting yeti game below.

Craft Activity Idea


How about trying a handprint castle - there is an example below.



Picture 1