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Monday 23rd March


Objective – to measure length and height 


Last week we looked at measuring length and height. We compared using language such as longer, shorter, smaller, taller and equal to.


Task – Can you compare items in your house to each other? Find items and say which are longer or shorter than each other. Can you find two different items that are equal length? See if you can create two piles of items – one pile to have items that are ‘shorter’ and the other pile to have items that are ‘longer’. You might decide to draw these items or take a photograph or even write a list. 


Objective – to write a complete sentences (capital letter, finger spaces, cursive writing, use of phonics to spell, full stop).


Before we write anything, we need to plan our work. Sometimes we talk about  our sentences or sometimes we plan them in our head, but we always make sure we know what we are writing about before we start to write. We know that all sentences should start with a capital letter. Capital letters are not cursive and they are tall letters (they nearly touch the top line). Finger spaces are important so that we can read our work back. No finger spaces can make it hard to know which words we have written. Once we have written a word, we put our finger on our page and then we know what size gap to leave before the next word. All our writing should be cursive. This means starting every letter from the line – it prepares us for joining letters in Year Two. When we are writing, often we come across a word that we cannot spell. Rather than ask for help straight away, we try to sound it out using our phonics knowledge and show every sound. For example if we want to spell the word ‘rain’, we would sound it out – r-ai-n, then show it, which might look like this – ‘rayn’. That’s ok because ‘ay’ does make an ‘ai’ sound so we can still read it. All sentences finish with a full stop so the reader knows when that sentence is finished and when they can take a breath.


Task – Can you write some sentences about your weekend without any help? Make sure every sentence has a capital letter, finger spaces, use of phonics, cursive writing and full stops. Once you have finished, ask someone to look at your writing to check you have included everything. Challenge – draw a picture of yourself from the weekend.


Our phonics task today is to work through the powerpoint below together.