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Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well and ready for another week of fantastic learning. 

2 'heads up' notices for today:

1) In maths tomorrow there is an option for baking so, if you are allowed, you might want to look at the ingredients for either the cupcakes or fridge cakes in advance. Don't do the maths, just check you have the ingredients in the cupboard or that you can pop to the shop tomorrow. Of course, this is optional.

2) if you haven't already, get thinking about your World Book Day costume for next Thursday. 


This week and next week is fairtrade fortnight. We will be doing our work on fairtrade next week. Watch our assembly below to find out more about it. 

Fairtrade Fortnight Assembly


Mrs C looks different today!!

1 Persuasive letter


I can convert different measures

Today you have a MyMaths on converting between different metric measurements. This is a recap from the learning that we did before half term. The videos for these lessons are still on the class page if you need a little recap. 


I can summarise events in a chapter.

Summarising Kensuke's Kingdom

Afternoon learning - Malala's magic pencil

This week, our afternoon lessons are all going to be based around the book 'Malala's magic pencil'. Many of you will be familiar with Malala and her story. The book is based on the events that happened to her.

Your task today is to listen to the story and then think about what you would draw if you had a magic pencil to make the world a better place. I would like you to draw it either on the paper below or on your own paper at home and then send me a short video explaining what you have drawn. I will put all of the videos together and add them to the class page. 

Malala's magic pencil

Optional extra mini taks

There are a lot of symbols that are used in the story, many of them come out of Malala's magic pencil. How many can you find? Think about what each symbol represents and what it tells us about Malala using the sheet below. I have put in some of the symbols that I noticed but you can add more of your own.