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Good morning,

I hope you've had a great weekend. SNOW!!!! 

Just a quick reminder that this weeks Google Meet theme is 'share your pet'. You can bring your pet along or can bring facts or a photo instead.

You'll notice on Google Meet that I've changed the days around for some of you - this is so you can see some different friends. 

Having marked your writing learning on Friday there are 2 REALLY IMPORTANT things you need to consider BEFORE you continue with this week's writing learning.

The first is easy to fix, the 2nd a bit more to think about.


1) Names of 'pens' require capital letters as we are acting like they are real names, not objects.

Names of places in an address, including school names, are proper nouns so should have a capital too. 


2) The wonderful 'I, me, myself' misconception!!!!!!

Please watch both videos below.

When to use "me", "myself" and "I" - Emma Bryce

Me, myself and I teaching video

Still image for this video
Miss Wood will now put the learning from the video above into context using example sentences from Friday's lesson.

Monday reading: I can ask questions to improve understanding of a text Instructions and taught examples for today's reading task can be found at the start of the video. Enjoy!

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Watch Mrs C live for the next instalment of 'The Day the Felt Tips QUIT!!!' where you'll be writing a formal letter.

This week in maths we work on learning about 2D and 3D shapes. You've got 2 teaching videos for today and then a series of challenges to complete.