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Good morning class 5, 

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Don't forget to log in to ttrockstars to keep your timetable skills sharp! I am going to try and find some time to battle you this week. 

Make sure you join the live session just before 1:45. You will need a pen and some paper. Today's live session is for: Charlie, Elizabeth, Caleb, Ediz, Griff, Hanifa and Mabel .

Having marked your writing learning on Friday there are 2 REALLY IMPORTANT things you need to consider BEFORE you continue with this week's writing learning.

The first is easy to fix, the 2nd a bit more to think about.


1) Names of 'pens' require capital letters as we are acting like they are real names, not objects.

Names of places in an address, including school names, are proper nouns so should have a capital too. 


2) The wonderful 'I, me, myself' misconception!!!!!!

Please watch both videos below.

When to use "me", "myself" and "I" - Emma Bryce

Me, myself and I - in context

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Miss Wood has used some of Y6 writing from Friday to put this into context for you.


Log in live to Mrs C at 9.45. Don't forget to submit your writing on google classroom.


Read through the powerpoint to see your spellings for this week and find out their definition. Copy each word three times and then write a sentence using each word. 

Your spelling test will be on Friday. 


I can identify different types of triangles and quadrilaterals.

1) Watch both of the videos linked below. 

2) Complete the bronze, silver or gold sheet.

3) Watch the answer videos to go through the answers. 

Monday reading: I can ask questions to improve understanding of a text

Instructions and taught examples for today's reading task can be found at the start of the video. Enjoy!

Chapter 4 part 4

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