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Hello Diamond Class! Welcome to Week 3 of home learning. I hope you have all had a nice weekend and enjoyed some time with your family. You have all done a great job so far so keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing you in our Zoom meetings later this week!

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Money Recap: Try the 'Pay for it' game to recap your money knowledge!

Lesson Objective: I can identify different ways to make an amount of money.

Watch the lesson below and complete the tasks in your book/on paper when you are asked to pause the video. 

Maths 18/1/21

Still image for this video

Question 1:

Match numbers 1, 2 and 3 to the letters so the amounts match.


Questions 2 & 3:
Question 4 & 5:



Lesson Objective: I can answer questions about a text.


This week we are starting work on a new text called The First Hippo on the Moon! This book is lots of fun to work on so I hope you enjoy it. 


Task: Retrieval questionsWatch the video of me reading the story and then have a go at answering the questions below. 

The First Hippo on the Moon!


Karate Cats

Practise your spelling, punctuation and grammar skills with a bit of karate!  Click the link:


Lesson Objective: I can create a piece of solar system art work.


For this week's art lesson, I'd like you to create a piece of art featuring the solar system. There is a video below to guide you through drawing a solar system. Please send your work in to brighten up our class page! laughyes

How to draw Solar System


Lesson Objective: I can create my own symbol to represent the important things in my life including people, pets, hobbies or faith.

Last week, Mrs Hill asked you to draw the important parts of a church and label them. This week we are going to look at the importance of Christian symbols and what they represent.


What are the Christian symbols?

The cross is the main symbol. It reminds Christians that Jesus died on the cross to save them.

The dove is the symbol of the holy spirit and peace.

The fish symbol was created using the Greek letters which spell out ICHTHUS : Jesus Christ God's Son Saviour.

Christians devised a secret code. They drew half a fish in the sand. If a person completed the fish, they knew he or she was a believer too. 




These letters stood for: Jesus Christ God's Son Saviour


Look at the slides below to see some important Christian symbols and what they represent.

Christian Symbols

Our Daily Bread for Kids

365 meaningful moments with God

Each week I am also going to be sharing with you a passage out of the above book.