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Monday 4th May

Question of the day!

The whole class's names are hidden in this wordsearch. Can you find yours?

A bonus point if you can find mine too!


Lesson Objective: I can answer arithmetic questions.

Before going back to our work on fractions, for the next two lessons we are going to practise our arithmetic skills.

Have a go of the quiz below. I have also attached a sheet with some guidance of some methods we we use in school to work some of the answers.

If you want to continue to practise after the quiz try this game


Lesson Objective: I can create an ingredients list for my own marvellous medicine.

In the story, George had lots of fun creating a medicine for his wicked Grandma. Now it's your turn!

Today, I would like you to design the medicine and write the ingredients list using exciting adjectives to describe each item. Tomorrow we will be writing the instructions. 


You can either:

1) Create your own medicine using things from around your house. Please only do this safely with and adult. Remember to tip it away afterwards because it's just for fun and pretend. Try not to get yourselves (or me!!!) in any trouble! angel

2) Or, draw out a medicine bottle on paper and draw and label everything you would choose to add to your medicine. 


I looked around at home to see what ingredients I could find for my medicine... What do you think of it? Do you think it would teach George's Grandma a lesson?


Ethan had a go at making his marvellous medicine last week! It had lots of interesting ingredients...