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Monday 13th July

Good Morning!

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I can measure mass in grams and kilograms

Today you are going to start with a trip to the vets to weigh some animals! Start by working through the 3 examples on the link below and then there are two activities for you to try.When you have finished, you can check your own answers.This week would be a great week to do some baking.You could follow a recipe and first of all try to estimate the ingredients you require. You could then weigh them out and see how close you were.

Then you can enjoy eating the final result!



With our focus being on sport this week, I thought we could start the week with a fun sports quiz. Answer the questions in your books and please write in full sentences. If you don't know the answer, see if you can do some research to find out. You may also want to select some of the activities suggested from the virtual sports day ideas above.


Quiz Questions

  1. How many players are there in a basketball side?
  2. Which wizarding sport played on broomsticks does Harry Potter play?
  3. Name the golfer who first name is the same as a big cat?
  4. Which country does footballer Lionel Messi play for?
  5. How many rings are there on the Olympic flag?
  6. Which sport did Johnny Wilkinson and Martin Johnson play?
  7. Which type of swimming stroke has the same name as a flying insect?
  8. Is Mo Farah a champion at athletics, football, swimming or tennis?
  9. What is the name of the hard rubber disc players hit in hockey?
  10. A caddy is the person who carries a player's bag in which sport?
  11. Which important horse race is jumped over fences at Aintree and was once won by Red Rum?
  12. How many goals are scored if a player has a hat-trick?

Answers to the Sport's Quiz


We hope you enjoyed making and filling your memory jar. Thanks for the pictures that were sent in.

This week we would like you to write a prayer.

Prayers are important to all religions and in Christianity. Most Christians believe prayer deepens a person's faith. Praying can help the believer come to a greater understanding of God's purpose for their lives. 

Prayer is a way of relating: to God, to ourselves, to those around us. In opening our hearts and minds and souls to God we are challenged to grow, change, and to love. Just as we make time to spend with those we love,

You can write a prayer any way you want to using words, pictures, paint, colour.... Use your imagination. 

Objective - I can write a prayer using my own words and with its own meaning.