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Monday 27th April

English Solutions



You have some MyMaths work on angles to complete today but I also want you to watch a video about how to use a protractor - you'll find the link to this in the document below.  If you have a protractor at home, you can then try out your skills.



Today, I would like you to complete another comprehension from the booklet.  This time I would like you to turn to page 8 and read Why? and do your best with the questions.

Topic & Art


For the art today, I would like you to look at some architecture of South America and have a go at drawing one - a bit like we did for Architecture Week when we studies Frank Lloyd Wright.  If you google 'famous buildings in South America' or 'Cool buildings in South America' you'll hopefully find something that takes you fancy.  As an extension, you could find out who designed your building.  When you finish you drawing(s), send them to me - I'd love to see how you get on.