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Monday 6th July



I can complete test style questions


A bit of a summary of the work from the last couple of weeks on position and direction for you today.



I can sequence events


Today, you have a short animated film to watch.  From this, I want you to map out the story, however best you see fit.  This could be by flowchart or storyboarding for example.  You only need to map out the story up until 3 minutes 52 seconds through - not the whole thing.  Tomorrow & Wednesday you are going to write the story up to this point.


Topic & Art


Topic:  This week's topic project is based around Shakespeare.  I'd like you to investigate who he was and all about his life, with a focus on the plays that he wrote.


Art:  Create a front cover for our class story.  I am aiming to turn it into a book for each of you, but it needs a front cover.  I will ask a member of staff to choose the winning design.  Have your front covers to me by the end of the week for the chance to be the lucky illustrator.