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Monday 27th April

Hi all, I hope you've had a lovely day. I have just spoken to Mrs Winstone in a virtual staff meeting - she's her usual happy self but is missing everyone lots too. 

I have added the POTD maths answers next to the original document.


Thank you to all the children who have sent photos and videos today. I am updating the page now and hope they make you smile as much as I did. 


Today is memory Monday:

Can you remember when....

Can you remember when.... 1

On Funny Friday, I asked you for some jokes to cheer up our Monday morning. 

Here is Clara's


How did the hammerhead shark do on his test?

He nailed it!

Jake's jokes:

How do you get pikachu on the bus?   You poke him on

What do you call a rabbit with fleas?  Bugs-bunny.

Why did the farmer bury his money? To make his soil rich.

Good morning,

I hope you've had a lovely weekend. Did you have a go at the RSPCA homework?

We went for a lovely walk on Saturday through the countryside and I saw a buzzard, and some newborn calves in the fields.

We also had a family zoom quiz.


I look forward to another great home learning week with you and would love to hear what you've been doing. Lots of you have emailed over the weekend with pictures and examples of the learning you've been doing. I have added these to this week's picture page. Do remember to send in your buddy reading photos and skipping challenge photos/vids. Continue to prepare for the talent show too. 


This week there is also a new challenge which has been set by George and Ben M. They'd like you to design a Covid-19 superhero. Maybe yours could be inspired by a superhero you know your buddy would like. Take a look at the link below to see the challenge - your superhero could be a model or you could draw it. Be creative!

Happy Monday maths morning.

This week you have 2 choices for each day. If you need a recap on what we did last week follow the link

The video is 11 minutes long as then has some activities for afterwards.


If you like a challenge I have set adding and subtracting fractions on Mymaths. Remember there is also problem of the day for those of you wanting GDS questions.

Today's POTD is Day 6

Click here for an explanation of this week's English