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Monday 25th January

Hello everyone!


Hope you have had a good weekend!

Are you ready for another week of exciting learning? 

Let's go!!


Challenge of the day!



Make a list of things that you are grateful for?


We are now starting Phase 4 of our Phonics learning.

If your child can recognise most of all the Phase 2/3 sounds and read the Phase 2 and 3 tricky words then they are ready for Phase 4.

If you feel that your child still needs more practise with Phase2/3 please re-visit the previous weeks learning and try some other games on the suggested websites on our front class page.

Here are the Phase 4 tricky word we will be learning. Have a look and see how many know.

You could write the ones you don't know yet on a post-it note and stick them around the house to practise reading as you pass by.



This week we are reading words with consonant blends at the beginning of words - CCVC words.

Kit from Espresso is going to help us. Take a look.

You say this sentence and your child writes it down. Look out for tricky words and sound out each word.


I  can  swim  in the  pool.

Challenge 1 - if your child can write this sentence easily add in some describing words e.g. I can swim in the big pool. 

Challenge 2 - Can they write another sentence about how else you can swim in the pool?


I can write letters using the correct formation.

Learning to Write with Correct Letter Formation full Alphabet

Letter formation is very very important. When your child is in Year 1 they will be learning to do cursive writing. If they don't form the letters correctly now this will make it trickier for them in Year 1.


I can say 1 more or 1 less than a given number.

Learning to say 1 more or 1 less than a given number.

One More!

This video is great because it uses a number line and encourages your child to do different movements to emphasise moving one place to the right to find the correct answer... so get active while learning 1 more.

One Less!!

Children need to understand that when you count forward on a number line the number gets bigger and when they count backwards on a number line the number gets smaller. This video is great because it encourages your child to move to the left because the answer is less.


I can answer questions to show understanding of a text.

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs - Give Us A Story

Harry loves his dinosaurs. But when they get lost will Harry be able to find them?

Listen to the story a couple of times then see if you can answer these questions.

Questions usually start with

Who, What, Why, Where and When.

Do you notice how each sentence ends with a question mark?


  • Where did Harry find the dinosaurs?
  • What did Harry put the dinosaurs in? What colour was it?
  • Where did Harry go to find out all about dinosaurs?
  • Where did they Harry leave his dinosaurs by mistake?
  • What did Nan promise to get for Harry when he lost his dinosaurs?
  • Who helped Harry to find his dinosaurs? 
  • How do you know that Harry was happy to have his dinosaurs back?


Challenge - Can you ask your adult one or two questions about the story? Remember to start it with a question word.


I can move my body in time to the beat of the music.

I can follow and improvise movements using elements of dance.

Dinosaur Dance Class Creative Movement

Hunt like a velociraptor, stomp like a diplodocus, and fly like a pteranodon in this 15-minute dance lesson and creative movement activity themed around prehistoric dinosaurs