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Monday 25th January

Good Morning Ruby Class!

I hope that you have all had a wonderful weekend and that you enjoyed being at home with your families. We have a brand new week of home learning ahead of us! So let's find out what we are doing today in our morning message...

Monday Morning Welcome!

First of all, let's head back to our class story 'The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me' by Roald Dahl. What has happened to the diamonds?!

Part Ten

Still image for this video
The police have arrived! Come back tomorrow to find out what happens next!


Learning Objective: I can add ones using number bonds.


Today, we are going to look in more depth at how to add using number bonds. Remember, if you need to recap your knowledge of number bonds, head over to BBC Teach...

When you are ready, watch this video from White Rose Maths to find out more...

Maths 25.01.21


Practice spotting patterns with number bonds on the activity sheet below. 


Learning Objective: I can predict what might happen next.


We have an exciting new text to look at today, which is all about some arctic animals! It is called 'Poles Apart' by Jeanne Willis and it is illustrated by Jarvis. Let's take a look... 

English 25.01.21


What do you think might happen in the story?

Let's take another look at how it began...

As everyone knows, penguins are found at the South Pole and never at the North Pole. At least, not until the day...

Think about...

  • The title of the story... 'Poles Apart'.
  • The characters that you can see. 
  • The setting of the story.

Look closely at the illustration from the book. What else can you see?


Discuss your ideas with an adult or sibling then write down your ideas.

You could begin with 'I think the story will be about...' or write a list.


Keep your ideas safe! We will be looking at them in more depth tomorrow!


Learning Objective: I am learning about alternative pronunciations ('ch' as 'sh'). 


This week, we will continue learning about alternative pronunciations. On Friday, we looked at 'ch' sounding like 'c'. But did you know that it has ANOTHER pronunciation?! Let's find out more by heading over to BBC Teach...


Activity One

We know that words with 'ch' can sometimes sound like 'c' and 'sh'. Practice reading these words here...

... then sort the words into the corresponding sounds. 


Activity Two

Select a word with each sound and write it in a sentence. Remember to make sure that your sentences make sense and that they have the correct spellings. Then read your sentences out loud. 


Don't forget, you can head over to and practice all of our Phase 5 alternative pronunciations by playing 'Cheeky Monkeys' or 'Acorn Adventures'. Just use the following information to sign in... Login: jan21 Password: home


Learning Objective: I am learning about Christianity.


This afternoon, we will be continuing our whole-school Christianity project.

Just follow this link...


Learning Objective: I am exploring and responding to different music.


Last week, we learnt about Antonio Vivaldi who created a piece of music called 'The Four Seasons'. We listened to one part of this song called 'Spring' then created some pictures to show how it made us feel. To look at some examples, head over to BBC Teach...


We all agree that 'Spring' is full of lots of energy, much like the season Spring itself. This is reflected in the pictures that we created. However, not all of the sections are like this...



You will need a piece of paper and some colouring pencils. 

First of all, divide a piece of paper into four sections. You can do this by folding it and then opening it out again. I would like you to listen to the entire piece of music 'The Four Seasons' by Antonio Vivaldi. I have attached the video for you below. As you listen to the music, think about the following questions...

  • How does each section of the music make you feel?
  • What does each section remind you of?

Then draw on each section of your paper a picture for each section of the song. You could even include words explaining how each section makes your feel, for example: happy, peaceful, angry, sad.

The Four Seasons - Antonio Vivaldi