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Monday 29th June



We're going to have a couple of days working on some problem solving followed by Target Maths on Wednesday.  Then, when some of you are at school and others at home, we'll all work on translation at the same time on Thursday and Friday.  Today's problems are below for you.



I can solve problems



I can write a newspaper report

Re-Watch ‘Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane’ - the final episode of Macbeth


Main activity:  Write a newspaper article about the Battle of Dunsinane. Firstly, mind-map what you will need to include in the story: - details of Macbeth’s reign of terror and crimes - details of the witches’ predictions that Macbeth would not be killed by anyone born of woman or until the woods rose up against him - details of the fate of Lady Macbeth (ie that she went mad and died) - details of Macduff’s victory and how he sliced Macbeth’s head off! - details of Malcolm as the new King of Scotland.  Once you've planned this, have a go at writing your report - remember that newspapers use columns, so fold your page in half.  Read the info about newspaper reports below and look at the example to help you.  It might not be about this, but the layout and features will be the same.

Topic & DT


Topic Project: Discover all about life in Tudor times for the average Tudor.  What were their houses like? What did they eat? Religion, laws, past-times, employment etc.


DT:  This one may take you a few days so I'll not be giving you much else over the week this time.  I'd like you to build your own Tudor house.  Your research from the Topic Project should help you have some ideas.