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Monday 20th April



Our first sound for this half-term is 'u'.  Log into espresso (details are on the ideas pages) and check what Scrap can teach you about this sound. The song for 'u' is as follows: (sung to the tune of skip to my lou)


u, u, up go umbrellas

u, u, up go umbrellas

u, u, up go umbrellas

when it starts to rain.


The action is as if you are putting up an umbrella.


What can you think of that starts with the letter U?  It's a hard one! Try practising writing the letter.


This would also be a good time to recap your knowledge so try one or two of the Phase 2 games on the following website:







Everyone seems to be doing brilliantly with the numbers so we are going to focus on shapes today.  Can you first of all go on a shape hunt around the house and find objects that are the following shapes:


A square

A triangle

A rectangle

A circle


Once you have found those see if you can look at the difference between a 2D shape and a 3D shape and then find examples of the 3D equivilent e.g. a square and a cube.


In order to keep practising your numbers there is also a link below to a game you can play - let me know how you get on.