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Monday 15th June

Good morning everyone! Hope you are all well!


I hope that you have all had a good weekend. There was certainly some stormy weather around!

Just a reminder that I will be putting the weeks planning on for the week (hopefully before Monday!) and the additional ideas and suggestions will be on the same page each day. Remember these are ideas which you can extend, adapt or change keeping the interests and ability of your child in mind.

This weeks Out and About topic starts with the storybook 'Alfie's feet' by Shirley Hughes. She is one of my favourite authors and her illustrations are beautifully detailed. 

Please get in touch via email if you have any questions or there is anything you would like help with.


Challenge of the day!





Which are your favourite shoes or boots? Can you draw a picture of them?



Daily Phonics lesson:
It is great that you are keeping going with the Daily Phonics lesson. It is so important that you don't forget the 45 phonemes that you have learnt and that you remember all the Phase 2, 3 and 5 Tricky Words. 

Please remember that if you feel that your child needs more practise at Phase 3/4 please revisit our previous lessons and also use your child's Home Learning Book to consolidate prior learning. I am glad to hear that some parents are consolidating Phase 3 and 4 phonics.


We have looked at the first set of Phase 5 phonics and for the rest of this term we will now be consolidating Phase 3/4/5 learning ready for Year 1.


Remember - Practise makes Better!!


1. Naming letters out of order.

Do you still have your letter cards?  Using the lowercase letters and put them in order on the table. Turn around and ask your partner to swap two cards around. Can you see which 2 cards are in the wrong place. Say the alphabet to help you.

2.   Today we will play a Phase 4 Pairs game.


3.   Lots of you can read words from the first 100 high frequency words. So here are the next  200 high frequency            words!!  How many can you read? Tick the ones you know and keep the practising the ones you don't.

      Please note - Read down each column.

4.   Can you write these Phase 4 sentences? You say this sentence, sound out each word and your child writes it down. Watch out for the tricky words -                                                             


Fran  took  a scarf  as  a  gift  for  Brad.

I  have  put  the  snail  on  the  path.

You  can  put  the  boots  under  the  chair.


Remember  - Start your sentence with a capital letter.

     Leave finger spaces.

         End your sentence with a full stop.

      Read your sentence


           Well done!  yes


I can talk about the features of a clock.

I can tell o'clock time.

Let's Learn About the Clock | Fun Clock Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Learn about the clock and telling time in this fun Let's Learn About the Clock song. Let's Learn About the Clock teaches about the numbers on the clock, the ...

Play this game and set the clock to show o'clock times. But make sure you move the hands in the clockwise direction.


Challenge - if you can do o'clock time have a go at half past time as well.


Alfie's Feet

Alfie's Feet by Shirley Hughes. Read by The Story Teller.
Alfie has new yellow boots that are perfect for walking through puddles and stamping in mud. There's something not quite right about them, though - they're making Alfie's feet turn outwards... Join Alfie as he works out what's wrong with his boots in this wonderfully splashy adventure.

After reading the story with your child ask them these questions. Encourage them to say the answers using sentences -

  • Where is the title? (On the front cover)
  • What does the author do? (Writes the story)
  • What does the illustrator do? (Write the story)
  • What colour were Alfie's boots? (yellow)
  • Is this a fiction or non-fiction book? (non-fiction)
  • What sounds did Alfie make when he jumped in the puddles? (splish, splash, splosh)
  • What was wrong with Alfie's boots when he was wearing them? (they were on the wrong feet)
  • Can you tell your right from your left?


I can use breathing strategies to relax my body and thoughts.

Let's Unwind - Flow | GoNoodle

FLOW Breath Clock Breathe Calm