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Monday 20th April

Good afternoon,

Well I most certainly have the Monday blues! The sun is shining and it would have been a lovely first day back at school for us all but we cannot see each others lovely smiles and I have been stuck inside all day on my laptop!


I haven't been on my daily walk yet so maybe that's what I need - feeling like this sometimes is normal but then we have to take a deep breath and carry on. I wonder what you have been doing to stay happy, calm and thankful... perhaps you could send me some ideas. Or your smiling faces on a picture :) 

Jessica has been baking - I'll try that later - I have Enchiladas for dinner, yummy! And I think lying in her teepee reading would  work a trick too. 

Emily has been running since she can't do her gymnastics or swimming and she's been working on a number of projects for our school - don't forget to record those buddy reading videos and send them to me by Friday. 

I'll be trying your t-shirt challenge too, Emily. I just have to wait until someone is here to video me.


I've added some links to good websites for PE to the curriculum page and I know that your parents have been emailed lots more - I've heard the daily BBC lessons are going to be good. Answers to today's learning are attached below. And when you're done marking, think of 3 things you are grateful for today. 

Mine are: the bright blue sky outside, my 'good morning' text message from my mum and Jow Wicks for doing a great workout this morning. 


Speak tomorrow, Miss Wood


Welcome back after the Easter break,

I hope you have all had a lovely time. My main highlights have been gardening in the lovely sunshine, going out for walks, keeping in touch with my family and neighbours (at a 2 metre distance or virtually) and finding all the eggs the Easter bunny had hidden round the house. Oh and, eating chocolate. Lots of chocolate! Too much chocolate. I reminded myself of this poem: but instead of cake it’s crème eggs. I’ve just had two with my 3 o clock cup of tea – oopsy!

I’ll be getting back in touch with Joe Wicks via his 9am Youtube workout today – I definitely need it after all the extra-sugary snacks.

I’ve added this week’s learning to the pages.

In maths, we start a topic on fractions.

In English we will be reading ‘Journey to Jo’burg’. It’s a great story and links to some great topic work.

For topic – which is Geography based, we will be linking to our Jo’burg story and learning lots about Africa.

In science, we start a topic on Evolution and Inheritance.

I hope these topics will engage you at home and maybe inspire some research projects or for you to experience new authors. Maybe, (fingers crossed – and as long as we are all safe to do so) these will be the last few weeks of being apart and you can return to us for the last half term. I’d love for that to happen but at the same time know the Government needs to make the right decision as I’d much prefer you all safe and happy at home than putting anyone at risk by coming back too soon.

Have a great Monday, Miss Wood

p.s. Make sure you check the messages from Emily and Charlie on the main Y6 page.



We will be learning about and revising our knowledge of fractions over the next 2 weeks. Starting with fractions of amounts.

I’ve given you a range of activities to have a go at as well as POTD as an extra challenge. Do them in any order and remember maths can last for around an hour so do what you can - in the time. I like the Spring Chicks activity – you might want to do that first.

  1. Spring chicks activity
  2. MyMaths
  3. Fractions of amounts worksheet – remember to divide by the bottom (denominator), times by the top
  4. POTD


Today you will be learning about the background to our new story, Journey to Jo’burg. The only part of the story you will see today is the front cover – you can make predictions using this. You have some learning to do and some questions to answer. Additionally, you have a grammar task on using semi-colons. Do not worry if you don't complete all the grammar - it will stay here all week for you to do bit-by-bit.