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Monday 18th May

Hello! Welcome to Week 7! I hope you all had a great weekend.


It was my birthday yesterday. It wasn't like the usual birthday celebrations but I still had fun. I enjoyed celebrating with my friends and family online and eating lots of food!


In the evening, I went for a walk up The Cloud. We picked the right time because it was nice and quiet! How have you spent your weekend?

Did you have a go at our Guess Who activity on Friday? The answers are below. How many did you get correct? Some of the staff definitely don't look anything like they did when they were little!

A message from Jack


Question of the day...




Lesson Objective: I can solve capacity puzzles.


This is our last lesson on capacity so we will finish with a puzzle!


In class we have looked at puzzles like this where we have to keep checking if all the clues fit. Can you order the cups according to the clues? 

You don't have to print anything off but may want to draw out the cups on small pieces of paper so you can arrange them easily. Answers are below.


Top Tips:

- Read all the clues first and see which glasses are easy to place.

- Check if more than one glass could fit the clue.

- Once you have finished, read the clues out and do a final check to see if all the clues fit. 

Picture 1
Picture 2


Keep reading the story if you haven't already. We are going to be finishing off our work on George's Marvellous Medicine this week.

Lesson Objective: I can edit and improve sentences.


Useful recap from last week:


Mr Whoops has banged his head and can't remember how to write good sentences! Can you help him correct the ones he's written? He needs lots of help!



- Punctuation (. , ! ?)

- Spellings (use your phonics knowledge to help)

- Capital letters to start sentences and for names

- Tenses (past/present- video link is a recap)


Then, look at your story from last week. Are there any improvements you could make?



Example: 1