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Monday 1st June

We hope you've had a lovely first day back at virtual school. We've been very busy today beginning our preparations for opening more classrooms up in school. It has been nice for Mrs Shaw, Mrs Leese and I to see each other - today has been the first time we have been together so it was lovely; though we were very careful to keep our distance. We had our lunch at opposite ends of the room!

Miss Hickman has added the photos of the Joy of Moving day to the 'Just for Fun' page so be sure to have a look. 

Enjoy your evening,

Miss Wood

Good morning,

Today's Maths and English is below as well as the Active June calendar for your PE and today's Journey to Jo'burg chapter for you to listen to somewhere comfy. 

On the curriculum page you'll find a PSE and an Art lesson too.

Remember, we will be proud of you no matter what you manage to complete. Stay happy and healthy and hopefully the 3 of us will see you very soon. 


Today's active challenge is sit-ups

Storytime - J2J Chapter 11



I can find angles in a triangle

Summer Term – Week 1

Lesson 2 – Angles in a triangle

Listen to the video and then complete the activity attached below. You can skip parts of the 1st question if you don’t have a protractor.


Since we need to finish reading Journey to Jo’burg, we are doing a one-off writing topic this week: Space.

I can use effective vocabulary to describe.

Today I’d like you to start to think creatively and to develop some great vocabulary – get your online thesaurus at the ready!

You’ll be writing a recipe for an alien. I’ve attached a monster alphabet and a recipe for a wolf so you have an idea of what you can do.

Picture 1