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Monday 1st June


Objective – I can tell the time to the nearest hour.


Today we are going to learn how to tell the time to the nearest hour. Find a clock in your house and have a look at it. You will notice that on most clocks there are the numbers 1 to 12 and two hands. Some clocks don’t have numbers on but when we first learn to tell the time, it is useful if there are numbers to look at. On a clock we have the minute hand (this is the longest hand) and the minute hand (this is usually the smaller hand). Some clocks have a second hand which is usually really thin and ticks quickly as it moves every second. Watch the clip below to learn how to tell the time to the nearest hour. We call it – o’clock.

Task – Look at the clocks on the ‘telling the time activity’ and write the time under each clock (if you can’t print the page, look at the clock and record the time in your book).

Challenge – Keep a time diary for one day. At each ‘o’clock’ in the day (10 o’clock, 11o’clock, 12o’clock, etc) record what you were doing at that time. It will help you to tell the time but also keep a log of all the things you have done today.


Objective – I can use my imagination to write sentences.


Our topic this term is all about holidays. We are going to imagine we are going on holiday and write about our journey. I’m going to give you your first sentence and your last sentence but what happens in between is up to you! You can decided how we travel, what happens during our journey, who is with us and how long it takes but you are only describing the journey. Remember, before we start writing to plan. It might be helpful to sit with someone and talk through some of these questions before you start writing.


What form of transport will we use? Plane? Train? Boat? Car? Bike?

What will our transport be like? Luxurious? Basic? Old? New? Empty?

What will the journey be like? Smooth? Quick? Long? Interesting?

Will we meet anyone on the way?

Who is travelling with us?

How will we know when we are there? (Remember – you don’t know where we are going yet – I will reveal that tomorrow!)

Did you enjoy the journey? Your favourite part?


Task – To write sentences using your imagination to describe a journey.

First sentence – ‘Today is an exciting day because I am going on holiday.’

Last sentence – ‘I looked around and I couldn’t believe my eyes!’


Challenge – See if you can include adjectives (describing words) and conjunctions (extending words – ‘and’ ‘because’ ‘but’).


This week we are learning the 'tch' sound.