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Monday 1st June

This week we are going to be learning all about dinosaurs.  As it is Monday, our P.E. day, we are going to start off with some Boogie Beebies.  Follow the dance and copy the actions to get your heart working.



CBeebies: Boogie Beebies - Do The Dino

CBeebies: Are you ready to Boogie? Do The Dino from Boogie Beebies! Visit CBeebies at to find even more fun games and videos fo...



'Cool' activity - a recap of counting objects up to ten. There is no need to print just count on the screen or if your child prefers have objects in front of you to count.



'Hot' activity - watch the powerpoint on finding one more and then have a try at the worksheet.  Again don't worry about printing just do it on the screen or write it out.  Your child may find this easier to understand by starting with actual objects.



To start with I would like everyone to listen to the story of 'Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs', then choose the activity from below:



Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs - Give Us A Story

'Cool' activity - once you have listened to the story try and retell it to your mummy or daddy. Talk about the characters, why do you think Harry loved his dinosaurs so much, do you have a toy you really love?  Perhaps you can draw me a picture.


'Hot'activity - pick one page from the book can you tell me how many words on that page begin with the following sounds:





Then pick a three letter word from the page, look at the word, ask your mummy or daddy to cover it up and then you try sounding it out either out loud or you can try writing it down.  If you are feeling really confident try a four letter word.