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Monday 19th April

Hello everyone!


Hope you have had good weekend!

Here we go!


Enjoy the week!!




Challenge of the day!



Write about what you did in the Easter Holidays!



We are now consolidating Phase 4 of our Phonics learning.

Your child should recognise all the Phase 2, 3 and 4 tricky words and please still practise recognising digraphs/trigraphs within words. They should also be able to say letter names out of order.

If you feel that your child still needs more practise with Phase2/3 please re-visit the previous weeks learning and try some other games on the suggested websites on our front class page.

Alphabet Phonics Song

Alphabet Phonics song with letter names and sounds. Every letter has a name and sound.

Phase 4 Tricky Words Song

This video will help your little ones learn the Phase 4 sight words, known as the Tricky Words taught in reception phonics lessons.

Kit and Sam have got some more games to help us practise consonant blends.

You say this sentence and your child writes it down. Look out for tricky words and sound out each word.



Jack  went  to  sell  the  cow.


Challenge 1 - if your child can write this sentence easily add in some describing words e.g. ...the spotty cow.

Challenge 2 - Can they write another sentence about Jack?