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Monday 15th June

Monday again so to start with is some P.E.  We know how much you enjoy 'Sticky Kids' when we are in school so today it's 'The Funky Monkey'.  You can do this around your lounge but remember there are no pictures so switch those listening ears on and follow the instructions!  Then for little bit of extra fitness  I have added a new 5 minute Joe Wicks workout for this week.


Sticky Kids - Funky Monkey - stream video

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5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 2 | The Body Coach TV

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This week are going to be using different stories each day to tie in with our theme of people who help us - today it is about firefighters.


Listen to the story and then pick the 'Cool' or 'Hot' activity to do below.



"People who help us, Firefighters" - a story for young learners, read aloud

"People who help us, Firefighters." What do you want to be when you grow older? A doctor, a vet, a police man, a fire fighter?

'Cool' Activity - There are lots of sounds that you would be able to hear in this book such as the siren of the fire engine.  Go through the book and see how many sounds you can find and try making the sound too.


'Hot' Activity - I have added a template of a fire engine below which you could print out and colour or you could draw your own.  There is also a list of words about fire fighters can you use some of the words to try and label your picture with words such as hose and ladder?  These are tricky words so get a grown up to help you sound them out.


We also have a new sound to learn 'ff'.  You need to find 'f' on the video below to remind yourself.  There is no new song to learn it is just about extending the 'f' sound in some words for example if you say the word 'of' the 'f' sound is short whereas with 'off' the 'f' sound is longer.  Try saying these words to hear the difference:


sniff, whiff, cuff, stuff, staff, puff.


Jolly Phonics Phase Two



'Cool' Activity - join in with Jack Hartmann and count to 20 with a workout as a quick refresher.  This week we are going to start by looking at sharing.  Have a go at the Curious George game below which will introduce the idea of equal amounts.


'Hot' Activity - we are going to look a bit further into addition this week.  Start off with the short video with some simple addition and then there is a worksheet to try.  If you can't print then just use toys to work on the concept of adding.


Learn Addition up to 10 | Addition 1 to 9 | Math for Kindergarten & 1st Grade | Kids Academy

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