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Monday 18th May




Today, your work builds on the MyMaths you did last week on mixed and improper fractions.  If you didn't complete the MyMaths, I suggest you look at that before completing today's maths work as it will remind you how to convert from one to the other.



Complete the comprehension Robin Hood.



Today, I want you to look at capital cities around the world.  I'm going to list 10 capital cities from around the world and I want you to find out which country they are the capital of.  After that, I want you to choose at least 10 other countries from around the world and find out what their capital city is - choose ones you don't already know!


There will be further work relating to these capital cities later in the week.


My 10 to find are: Baku, Kabul, Muscat, Sarajevo, Apia, Ljubljana, Ankara, Kampala, Hanoi and Riga.