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Monday 15th June



I can solve time problems


This week we are going to be focusing on time.  Mostly, it's going to be problem solving and reasoning, trying to work out how long things are and when things might finish.  DO NOT USE COLUMN ADDITION OR SUBTRACTION FOR TIME PROBLEMS.  USE A NUMBER LINE.  There is an example as part of today's work to help you.


First of all, there is a MyMaths task.  It's more of a revision task than anything related to the work below.



I can make predictions and justify my reasons


Watch ‘All hail, Mabeth! King of Scotland!’ - Episode 4 of Macbeth


Pause the episode at 3 minutes 47 seconds:

What do you think that Macbeth’s plan will be? Write a prediction about what he will do.


Watch on.  Did you predict correctly or were you surprised?


When you have watched the episode, I want you to think about what the devil would say to Macbeth and what an angel would say to Macbeth about him either deciding to kill Banquo or to let him live.  I want you to justify you ideas for each of them and make each argument as strong as it can be.


                     Topic & Art


Topic Project:  This week, I want you to look into the children of Henry VIII: Mary, Edward & Elizabeth but also include some information about Lady Jane Grey, who had a short but significant role to play.


Art: Draw a portrait of yourself and then turn yourself into a Tudor monarch by adding clothing of the time.